The competition for tomorrow’s customers has begun. The convergence of the hospitality, spa, medical, and tourism industries is creating new business models and alliance partnerships, particularly in the prevention and healthy lifestyle arenas.  Diverse challenges, economic and demographic forces combined with emerging markets all point towards continued industry growth and diversification. But not all hotels, spas, resorts, and health organizations positioning for these markets will see a share of that growth. The greatest gains will go to those with a strategic combination of vision, business planning, marketing, and industry alliances. You can get that winning combination from Spectrec.

Spectrec offers over 25 years experience in business and marketing development for spa, hospitality and medical based organizations. Our skills have helped position many notable clients for success, including destination spa resorts, hospitals, day spas, wellness and medical centers nationally and abroad. From an international perspective, we are continually researching industry developments and tracking trends in the United States and overseas. We study current and emerging developments in services, technologies, treatments, therapies and products, providing customized research and business development services to existing and developing facilities. Spectrec is prepared to help clients achieve their enormous potential in the years ahead. Learn how Spectrec can help you prepare for tomorrow’s healthy lifestyle market while serving today’s.

As you browse this Website, you will learn how Spectrec can guide you to new opportunities. Industry Trends explains developments in the hospitality, spa, medical, and tourism industries. Our Vision shows you how specializing in proactive business services sets us apart from other business development and marketing communications firms.

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